The Smells and Tastes of Canada!

One of the most enjoyable parts of visiting Quebec City and Montreal, was all of the different types of food I got to taste! I did not have even one meal that I would describe as “bad” and some of the dishes were absolutely magnificent.

Although it is difficult to choose my favorite main dish over the course of the week, I would probably have to pick the Salmon at Côtes à Côtes in Quebec City. The subtle yet delicious seasoning that sprinkled the surface of the fish was delicate, and the perfect balance of spices. The butter sauce and the rice were also both delicious, and neither felt too heavy nor overwhelming. Finally, the vegetables were cooked to just the right tenderness, and added a nice burst of color on the plate. The only complaint I have is that I would have loved even more carrots in the mix!

It is even harder to choose my favorite dessert, but since I love chocolate, I pick the peanut butter brownie from Juliette et Chocolate in Montreal. Although we had to wait quite awhile to be served and to pay, it was worth the wait. The brownie was undoubtedly the richest brownie I have ever eaten, and the peanut butter in the middle made the flavor even more interesting and pleasant. To top it off, there were peanut pieces on top which gave it a fun crunch.

I cannot wait to go back to Quebec City and Montreal in the future, because I feel that I have barely begun to try all of the many delicious meals and desserts that line the streets.




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