Learning and Exploring in Quebec

So far our trip in Quebec has been fantastic! One thing that has been different here compared to back home is the architecture. There are a mix of french windows (smaller-many paned windows) and british-style windows (larger-paned) which are both more interesting than the typical ones we see in America. However, neither seem quite as energy-efficient as the newer kinds back home :D.

Here's an example of french windows.
Here’s an example of french windows.
These larger-paned windows are British.
These larger-paned windows are British.

Another difference I noticed is that there are many more very elegant and grand churches throughout Quebec. One of the Catholic cathedrals we visited was especially impressive. Gold and white were the main theme colors of the sanctuary, and many intricate paintings lined the walls and ceilings. Our tour guide told us that the gold-colored Jesus statue near the top of the ceiling, was originally too tall and needed to be cut down in size in order to fit! Also, another interesting thing she pointed out was the fact that Jesus is portrayed as alive in this sculpture, which is very rare. I would love to be able to someday attend a church service in a cathedral as magnificent as this one. Hopefully I will get the chance to return to Quebec City!



Finally, a fun new encounter was seeing a donkey in a courtyard. This was very new to me because I am pretty sure you can only find donkeys in zoos in Nebraska. It was fun to see and touch the animal and one of my classmates even fed him an apple. This was definitely the most surprising thing I saw in Quebec.

A donkey enjoying an apple!
A donkey enjoying an apple!

I am excited to continue our next journey in Montreal, and I am sure I will learn even more about Canada in these next few days.


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