HEY! Why is that Iceberg Melting??

The effects of climate change can been seen through the melting of icebergs and ice shelves. There is evidence that up to 87 % of glaciers in the Antarctic Peninsula are shrinking. Carbon dioxide emissions have lead to an overall increase in temperatures, which then makes it more likely that icebergs and glaciers will shrink in size. One factor that increases the speed of a melting glacier, is warm ocean water that gets into the underside of a glacier. This process results in even faster thinning of the ice.

One reason that the melting of glaciers is so devastating, is because they have a role in keeping our planet’s temperature comfortable. Sunlight during the day reflects off of the white blocks of ice, keeping our temperatures from becoming too hot . If iceberg melting continues at this rate, then we will likely experience great alterations in our climate and even more significant temperature increases across the globe. Another reason glacier melting due to climate change is harmful, is by taking away animal’s natural habitats. Shrinking ice means less space for polar animals that rely on these ice masses to survive.

The evidence of glacier and iceberg melting is one of the few ways we can tell how harmful global warming and climate change is. It is important to take steps immediately to lessen our carbon footprints so that we can save ourselves from the disastrous effects that climate change is sure to bring.


Here is an example of the shrinking of ice shelves over time.





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